Our Purpose:


Catalyst is an action-oriented group that engages voters, supports community involvement, and advances progressive issues.


 Catalyst: Agents of Change Fundraiser 2019

KIMBERLY ELLIS, founder of Unbought - Unbossed, an incubator for the next generation of political disruptors will be the keynote speaker. As former candidate for CDP Chair and former Executive Director of Emerge California, Ms. Ellis is a captivating orator and progressive movement leader who is sure to move us all into action.

Catalyst is a group of agents of change, investigators, problem solvers. Join us in celebrating who we are becoming and in the search for more change makers.


Who We Are


Catalyst was founded out of a desire to provide a home for people who wish to engage with others around progressive issues in a transparent, respectful, and honest manner. We strive to be the good we wish to see in the Democratic Party and beyond.

We promise to do our best to:


Be wildly supportive of your whole family’s involvement in Catalyst


Be a diverse and inclusive group that purposefully and meaningfully conducts outreach to minority communities


Provide ongoing opportunities to connect with events & groups in the community where you can take action on a variety of issues


Grow with our community’s ongoing needs and desires for improvement


Join Us


Become a Member


3rd Mondays || 6:00 to 8:00 || Granite Bay Library 

LET’S MAKE IT OFFICIAL: When you become a Catalyst, you join a group of progressive individuals who choose to do the hard work to make a difference in their communities. We have power in numbers, and we need you among us to be successful in our endeavors. You also take on the responsibility to represent the club and those you walk alongside well, take action when it is needed for justice and equality, and continue to move our communities into a more comfortable space to be a Democrat.

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If you want to make a positive difference in local, regional and national politics, we invite you to join us in helping to build a progressive base in the region with the goal of electing candidates that reflect our values. We have accomplished a lot in our first year!

  • hosted a monthly community giving opportunity with such recipients as The Gathering Inn, Stand Up Placer, Placer Food Bank, displaced children of the Camp Fire

  • teamed with local progressive groups to raise approximately $200,000 worth of goods & gift cards delivered into the hands of Camp Fire survivors

  • registered new voters & grown our progressive voter base

  • vetted and supported progressive candidates

  • built rapport, camaraderie and friendship among like-minded folks by scheduling in plenty of fun


Your financial support will be used judiciously to support our ongoing efforts toward this mission. Thank you for donating!